Some people are life’s heroes, its leading men and women. They’re full of swash, buckle and daring-do. Others are happy to stand at the side and hold their jackets. For every Fred Flinstone, there is a Barney Rubble. Every Yogi needs a Booboo and all Sherlocks need a patient Watson. This is a show about the men and women who pick up the pieces whilst the main man is busy humping the heroine after the credits have rolled.

“A sharp and crafty gagsmith, with wittily obtuse takes impressively wide range of topics.bringing flair and confidence to them all.” Steve Bennett, Chortle

“Highly accomplished comic.” Time Out

“Wonderfully improvised riffs showcasing his impressive spontaneity and sharp tongue.” Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“He must have one of the highest jokes-per-hour counts in Edinburgh this month.” ★★★★★ Reviews Hub

“Turns lazy stereotypes and political messes into biting, personal, satire.” ★★★★ Ed Fringe Review

“On flights of fancy, he pushes ideas to extremes and displays a crackling, spontaneous energy in which we’re swept up.” Fest

“Exquisite comic timing.wonderfully clownish physical comedy.” British Theatre Guide

“Brilliantly funny and well-formed set.a likeably bold comedian.” Gigglebeats


BEC HILL Comedian, presenter and professional fool (profoolssional), Bec Hill, brings an hour of new (and old) material, musing on technology, eggs and other awesome subjects. May contain pop-ups.

‘Bec Hill: exuberant, daft and inventive.’ *★★★★ Scotsman

‘There’s something special about Bec Hill’. ★★★★ Times