Comedian Elf Lyons will be hosting a one day workshop on how to build a set and create a show -inspired around the niche and weird things that you love.

This workshop will be perfect for those with writers block, those needing confidence in their abilities on stage and for those who need a kick starter into thinking differently about building a routine and structuring a show.

Open to anyone 16 and above.

Limited tickets available:
£40 -Grown-ups
£30 -Concessions


Elf Lyons is a comedian, live artist, writer and director with over 5 years experience performing live-art and comedy all around the world – developing shows to do with the strange and offbeat.

Described as ‘a more focussed Eddie Izzard’ by Chortle and ‘Hilariously brave’ by British VOGUE – Elf loves creating work that is relevant, political and joyful. She is known for her eccentricity and peculiarity on stage – using characters, low fi special affects, awful costumes and weird music to help generate material, often resulting in a huge fun mess on stage.


British VOGUE’s ‘Twenty Names of Now’ – December Issue 2016

Media Eye Rising Star 2016

“The most wonderful stand-up comedian I have seen this year. She’s relatable, absurdly funny and fantastically friendly. No excess swearing, no mean jokes, plenty of nonsense […] Lyons’ feel-good persona and laughter is infectious. She is the kind of person you want to be friends with.” Young Perspective

“A gleefully messy hour […] Her analogy of an ocean of love is so elaborate and layered that it elicits a round of applause.” The List

“Pelican is a uniquely funny, surreal and sometimes moving show that displays Lyons’ comedic talent and establishes her as someone to watch out for in the future.”Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“Lyons’ style is animated and full of those unexpected tangents and pay-offs that make for quality comedy. She holds the audience’s attention with ease.” Scottish Woman Magazine

“The best way to describe the show, and Elf’s comedic style would be: the funniest, most intimate, and sexualised word vomit you’ve ever experienced…on crack […] Elf may also be the best storyteller of all time.” This is Radelaide, Australia