El Jaguar

Early Show. 6pm. Fri 21st Nov. Tickets: Pay What You Want!

El Jaguar is a luchador* from Guadalajara, Mexico! El Jaguar has wrestled in the WWE! El Jaguar has come to London to bring you his own brand of comedy and entertainment! El Jaguar hopes you join him for a night full of comedy, music, and interesting occurrences!

Fresh from an Australian comedy festival tour former WWF wrestling superstar El Jaguar comes to London with his high energy, highly interactive comedy onslaught.
witness the dizzying heights of mediocrity! Be spell bound by desperate attempts at humour!

*a luchador is a masked Mexican wrestler

★★★★★ Melbourne International Comedy Fest
‘A rip roaring show of immense proportions’ -theatreview
‘an hour of light-hearted tomfoolery’ Chortle
‘El Jaguar absolutely dominated the stage’ – The Au Review
‘El Jaguar drew laughter from everybody in the room.’ – heckler
‘Derek Flores has created a wonderfully appealing alter-ego’ – Chortle