Adam Riley and Currer Ball are two men on a mission. To fail. For Adam, money’s tight. So tight he’s had to go out and find a job. And beg his girlfriend to take it. This deadpan redhead comes to Camden to settle the big questions of our time: Why he pushed his nephew over at a family barbecue. Why he’s definitely not a psychopath. And why there could never be a ginger James Bond. For Currer, life wasn’t easy growing up with a stammer. Like when he went to the shop to buy a Mars Bar. And came out with 20 packs of M&Ms. With hands-on giddiness, this Glaswegian sprite brings a whole new meaning to physical comedy – while delivering one exquisite gag after another. Come along for an hour of top-quality stand up from two of London’s best new comics. Adam and Currer. Two geese. Ready for the oven.