TICKETS: http://listings.camdencomedyclub.com/events/19-may-16-james-loveridge-castles-in-the-sand-camden-head/

Coming to see tonight’s Stand Up & Slam!? Great news! All audiences members receive free entry to JAMES LOVERIDGE’s Edinburgh Fringe preview show immediately afterwards (there’ll be an alcohol interval!).

Ever had a memory so embarrassing you feel sick? Well James has and is dealing with it the only way he knows how, by telling as many people as possible and having them laugh at it.

“★★★★★… Loveridge’s timing is exceptional; he knows exactly where in a joke to place the punchline. He often sets up the expectation that he will take the easy route out of a joke, then subverts this expectation to excellent effect.” – Broadway Baby

” ★★★★ …he had the rest of us in stitches throughout a polished yet ever-evolving act, with asides and quips just as strong his actual jokes” – The Skinny

” ★★★★ James is an animated story teller; an entertainer. His jokes and asides are self-deprecating and sharp, and delivered in such a manner that makes it difficult not to laugh along.” – www.edfringereview.com

“..his tales of provincial misadventure are by far the funniest parts of his set, delivered with witty self-deprecation and perfect timing.” – Three Weeks

“A thoroughly enjoyable storyteller and a charismatic self-deprecator, James treated the audience like a roomful of friends. Interacting with as many people as he could, he entertained the crowd brilliantly between acts and threaded the evening with a real sense of warmth.” – www.whats-on-london.co.uk

“Undeniably great …you are automatically drawn to his inexplicable way of storytelling that gets you doubled over laughing in seconds.” –www.herdmu.com