Wednesday 21st October

Time: 8:00pm (Doors open 7:30pm)

Tickets: Free. First come first served!

“Take what you have gathered from coincidence”

Everything happens for a reason and there are times in our lives when events described as just ‘coincidence’ do not do them justice. Maybe there was more to it than met the eye. Maybe everything came together at once or the coincidence was just too unbelievable and it was a sign that you were headed in the right direction, or possibly down completely the wrong path. We all take different things from coincidence and tonight we’ll hear stories from people who have learned something from those situations.

Our shows are friendly. open, intimate and honest and the stories moving, life-affirming, shocking, captivating or just plain hilarious. It’s different to a comedy show where the expectation is laughter… here laughter comes, but it’s a part of a whole breadth of other emotions and reactions to the stories and it makes for a rich, fulfilling evening’s entertainment.

Come on down and experience one of the friendliest and most memorable nights London has to offer. We’d love you to get involved, whether it’s telling a story, suggesting a new theme or just coming down to watch the night, there is something for everyone at Natural Born Storytellers…

If you have a story on the theme of ‘Coincidence’ and would like to perform, please send us an email at