Wednesday 19 October  19:30

The Quest is a search to find some of the best unknown true-life storytellers around the UK. We believe that if you have a great story to tell, you should Tellit. We’re looking for hidden gems, great stories that have been doing the rounds in pubs, campfires and living rooms. To give a voice to the general public whose stories may otherwise go unheard and to provide a platform into the arts.

Great stories are meant to be shared and the best true stories from today will become the folk tales of tomorrow. Our theme for The Quest is ‘Lessons’. If you have learned something from anything, then there is probably a great story in there somewhere. Tonight is your chance to come and share those stories.
Enter The Quest
Anyone can enter! Your story must be true, have happened to you and told in under 8 minutes.

Come on down and see what stories we uncover tonight!

One storyteller will then go on to perform their story in a Showcase at Hoxton Hall on Sunday 22nd October along with 7 other storytellers from around the UK.