The Rubiks

Thurs 27 Nov. 7:30pm. Tickets: £5.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Quite possibly, YES!
This November, see whatever you want to see, as you direct the show!

The Rubiks return with their madcap brilliance, an hour and a half of non-stop• hilarity!

The Rubiks are said to be “Pure gold” and “The comedy you want” – Bryony Harrison, WeekendNotes. So come and see what all the fuss is about, and The Rubiks will have you in stitches…..Not literally!

*Not actually non-stop….there’s an interval!

Rubiks Improv

Thurs 30 Oct. 7:30pm. Tickets: FREE!

‘The Rubiks: A night In Your Head’ is a rip roaring night of comedy from improvisation group The Rubiks!

“The comedy you want” – Bryony Harrison

The show is packed with silly happenings and outrageous conversations in unlikely situations. Every night is different and completely improvised on the spot. Bursting with quickfire scenes and comedy montages based entirely on your suggestions, every night is unique!

Often accused of giving people the biggest laughs they’ve had in a long time, The Rubiks are proud to leave their audience in tears and in stitches.

“The Rubiks is this generation’s version of Whose Line is it Anyway?”
– WeekendNotes (On ‘The Rubiks: Night on the Cube!!!’)