Chris Stokes: The Man Delusion & Ailon Freedman: The Man with Two Names (Double Bill)

Friday 21 October  19:30


A Manly double bill of fantastic true comedy storytelling as part of the wonderful Tellit Festival!

Chris Stokes: The Man Delusion
Chris Stokes? Yes. Comedian? Absolutely. Award-winning? Indubitably. Man? Can you be more specific? Ostensibly a human, Chris (Dave’s One Night Stand, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5Live and Xfm) presents his fourth solo show, all about you! Well, the species you have in common with him. As an introvert, Chris has always felt more comfortable observing humanity rather than actively participating but now he’s going to get stuck in… Ever said, “You’re welcome,” to a non-existent ‘thank you’? This might be the show for you…

Ailon Freedman: The Man with Two Names
Born with the name Neil Ailon Freedman – Ailon hated his first name “Neil” and did not relate to it in any way. However, around the age of 21, he began to use this middle name Ailon, and in doing so, he found a whole other side to his personality. Neil was shy, introverted and passive, Ailon was crazy, exuberant and confident. Instead of becoming a North West London Jewish accountant as his parents had planned, Ailon became a globe-trotting psychedelic artist. What a result he thought!