WORKSHOP: Find Your Comedy Writing Style (CLASS 6)

TICKETS: £140 for a six week course (Drops ins £25 for experience writers only) |

Find Your Comedy Writing Style with TV writer and stand up Meryl O’Rourke.

Using practical exercises, discussion and real life examples- Meryl will help you find YOUR funny and hand you the tools to be a productive joke writer.

Meryl has written for high profile TV panel shows, magazines, radio and stand up shows; and collaborated with acts as diverse as Frankie Boyle, Juliette Burton and Rayguns Look Real Enough.

“Many thanks to Meryl O’Rourke, who had a look through a couple of early passages, and just generally for being inspiringly funny.” Frankie Boyle, in ‘Work!Consume!Die!’

‘Meryl has a brilliant comic mind, and taught me how to approach joke writing from a fresh angle’ Suzy Bennett

Course open to all aged 16+. One day drop ins for experienced comedy writers only.

Please bring plenty of paper and a pen – also anything else that helps YOU write…tablet, ideas book…

Course will feature groupwork,one to one tutorials and homework.

(Please note the one week break on September 30th.)